Steve Blood


I have immense passion for sport, health and fitness, which drove me to qualify as a Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whilst still in my teens. Now, more than 5 years on I specialise in sustainable weight loss programmes and rehabilitation. My philosophy and approach to personal training centres around 'quality over quantity' empowering clients to break through barriers realistically; together we will set attainable goals without living a restricted lifestyle, helping you change your mindset and outlook when it comes to health and wellbeing.

With an 'always on' attitude to supporting my clients, I will kick start your training programme individually, with a partner or even your whole family to make sure you hit those all-important goals!

Contact number: 07806 467776

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Ashley Sutton


Life started out for me as a herdsman milking 300 cows in Somerset, 23 years later after running my own dairy farm milking 150 cows in Wing near Leighton Buzzard, it was time for a career change. After a life which includes loads of sport from rugby, football and cricket it was time to make a change and move away from the hard slog of the early mornings and the long hours of the dairy farmer to the early mornings and the long hours of the Personal Trainer. As with farming Personal Training is a job I very much love , helping clients meet their goals, improve their lifestyles and guide them to a more active life is a great motivator not only for them but for me as well

My aim is not only to help individuals to archive their own fitness level but hopefully go beyond their first goal and start setting new short and long term goals for the future set in to their lifestyles.

I am a great believer in suppleness and flexibility not only to deal with very day tasks as we get older but to also help us avoid injuries as we undertake exercise at any level.

Contact number: 07989 949405

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Chris Simms

My journey within the Health & Fitness industry began in 2001 and I brought my business to Milton Keynes in 2006. I have since established a solid client base to which I dedicate my working week as a committed and highly motivated Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist.

My background comes from both playing and studying sport and exercise science and I continue to research, create and apply exercise, health and lifestyle traits and trends to my repertoire, always pushing boundaries and seeking new and effective ways to benefit and improve both myself and my clients. I love the freedom and ability to be creative with exercise and thrive on standing up to my clients’ high standards set, proving my value time and time again by delivering results and marked improvements.

I leave no stone unturned, tailoring each client’s sessions to their goals and objectives, no ‘one size fits all’. With a unique set of skills and experience, I commonly focus on and work the chain of posture, mobility and flexibility, strength and muscular endurance, core stability conditioning, functional movements linked to lifestyle and/or sport, often prehab and rehabilitation exercise for both sports specific and day to day life, and sometimes a hands on approach using soft tissue massage.

Contact number: 07843 100934

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Paulina Sutton


I’ve always been involved with sport and fitness from a very young age, so it’s certainly what I do best.

From an early age I was involved in badminton and ended up playing as a professional for my country.

A few years ago, I was inspired by magazine article about a female triathlete competing in Hawaii. I wasn’t a swimmer or a bike rider and gradually undertook these disciplines to achieve my first triathlon. Over the years I increased distances to racing competitively at Ironman distance. I then realised that anything is possible with positive mindset and right training. I’m now actively involved in triathlon of all distances both as a competitor and a coach.

I have a passion for nutrition, so I took up Nutritional Therapy course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. This course allows me to give my clients a full package of exercise, nutrition and positive lifestyle changes to meet my client’s needs and goals.

A tip from me: Educate yourself on good nutrition and effective exercise you like participating in and fit it in to your lifestyle

Contact Number: 07791 564423

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Ruth Gray


Ex fat kid. Ex sport hater. Ex prison governor. Ironman World Championships finisher.

As someone who wasn’t naturally sporty in their former life & preferred curling up with Harry Potter (Ravenclaw, if you’re wondering) and a cuppa to running around a cross-country field, I know what it feels like to be unfit and self-conscious.

I started exercising out of necessity when I gained weight after quitting smoking, and this necessity has now flourished into a genuine passion for triathlon and exercise – particularly its benefits on mental health & wellbeing.

Having gone from unfit to multiple IRONMAN finisher, I truly believe that anything is possible and I couldn’t think of any better way to give back to the sport by retraining as a personal trainer.

The gym can be an intimidating place, but whether your goal is general health, fitness and weight loss, sports performance or to simply understand how to use those daunting looking machines, I would love to help you achieve your ‘Anything is Possible’ moment.

With endless patience and enthusiasm, we’ll work together in a relaxed and positive environment and have a good laugh along the way. You might have to put up with my dodgy singing though...

Contact Number: 07736068285

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